Jesus Holy Temple

Bishop Thomas was born in Houston Texas, He does an outreach ministry every Saturday night on the local channel 18 at nine o’clock pm. He also does outreach ministry every Sunday evenings between five and seven pm at the local University of Alaska’s radio station. Bishop Thomas plays the only live gospel broadcast in the state of Alaska. Bishop Dave Thomas has been married to his lovely wife (First Lady Sondra Thomas) for 20 years. The lord has blessed their marriage with 8 wonderful children and 3 grand kids. Bishop Dave Thomas and his wife are not only busy building a church; they are also busy in winning souls for the lord. Their vision is this: ” Saving One Soul At A Time”. Pray for the success of their vision!  Bishop Dave Thomas is affiliated with Gods Holy Temple and churches. The Presiding Bishop is Bishop Randy Crenshaw of Gods Holy Temple church in Blytheville Arkansas. And Bishop Crenshaw is also overseer of Gods Holy Temple Anchorage Alaska, which he founded, and upon leaving the state of Alaska, appointed Bishop Gregory Welch, Bishop Welch has reopened Alpha and Omega church. Bishop Thomas has been elected to state Bishop of Alaska by the Presiding Bishop Randy Crenshaw. Bishop Thomas is a Graduate of Kaplan University, with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Criminal Justice. Bishop Thomas has received acknowledgement for making the Dean’s List while pursuing both degrees. Bishop Thomas has attended Liberty Seminary. Bishop Thomas is also a veteran of the U.S. Army where he served 6 ½ years in U.S. Infantry where he was released in June 2003 on a medical discharge, to start Gods mission.  Bishop Thomas has been appointed to the National Juneteenth observance Foundation, Anchorage Alaska Representative. He has also been appointed as the Alaska Representative of the National Juneteenth Christian Leadership Council and he also has been appointed as Chairman of the National Juneteenth Armed Service Commission by Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D., who is the national Juneteenth director for all 50 states. Rev. Myers is a Medical Doctor who has been all over the world treating patients that cannot afford medicine. Bishop Thomas is a Co chairman of the Alaska Highway Project. Bishop Thomas has been blessed by God to be anointed and appointed over Jesus Holy Temple. Where the word is the word, where the anointing flows, and where the power of God is present. Bishop Thomas has been blessed to preach the gospel throughout the US and other countries and will continue to go where God calls him.